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Academic College Prep Courses & Enrichment

In understanding the academic classes and opportunities available to the student, questions might arise on the definition and experience regarding Advance Placement (AP) Classes or Dual Enrollment.  After reading the following brief descriptions, please feel free to schedule an appointment through the Heritage Christian Academy front office to meet with the Academic Dean. 

Advance Placement (AP): Heritage Christian Academy offers AP classes for a multitude of reasons:

  • Students enjoy a richer in-class experience as the instructor is live and on-campus offering the ability to answer questions immediately as well as facilitate class discussions among students.
  • The student will receive the training and education to strengthen his/her study skills, critical thinking analysis, and time management skills.
  • By successfully completing the course and passing the AP Exam, the student receives college credits prior to entering college which provides a dual benefit of less cost for the college credits along with moving quicker into the field of study the student wishes to pursue.
  • College and University Admission’s representatives use the AP classes as a sign that the student is already experienced the rigors of a college class, thus, allowing the college to be confident in the student’s long-term viability and success in the course of pursuing a degree.

AP Testing is conducted usually in the first two weeks of May each academic year.  The final exam score will be between 1-5.  Most colleges give full and complete credit to a student who has earned a 4 or 5 on the final AP exam. 

Duel Enrollment

Duel Enrollment:  Currently, Heritage Christian Academy partners with Grand Canyon University in Arizona to provide students who meet certain criteria the ability to enroll in college courses for credit prior to completion of the student’s high school career.  Heritage Christian Academy offers duel enrollment for the following reasons:

  • Students on an advanced academic track at Heritage Christian Academy benefit from the addition of more classes to customize their High School education.
  • The classes offer the students a glimpse into a college level course to acclimate them to the post-secondary expectations and help bridge their academic career from high school to college successfully.
  • For students unable (through time constraints or qualifications) to take AP classes at Heritage Christian Academy, the college level courses can demonstrate to University Admission representatives, a student’s desire to pursue a rigorous academic environment in the post-secondary setting.’

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