Academic excellence. Nurturing environment. Authentic faith.


For the past fifteen years, Heritage has been accredited by the rigorous standards of the Association of Christian Schools International.

In 2015, HCA once again voluntarily submitted to the demanding process of an ACSI observation team. The team visit is the fourth in a five-step process, with the fifth and final step being the Commission’s decision. HCA once again proved itself outstanding and was awarded the highest accreditation possible, a five-year certification.

The benefits of accreditation are widespread and have a tremendous impact on the school. First, accreditation ensures that the school is true to its own foundational statements. It also affirms that the school meets standards of quality, which have been established by the international school community. Accreditation also highlights areas in which are in need of improvement, and offers targeted instruction for continued growth in those areas. Finally, accreditation encourages evaluation of all levels of education, from the academic to the biblical and spiritual integration.

Information adapted from ACSI’s Accreditation Overview and Benefits.