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College Majors & Career Exploration


A “college” or “academic” major is an area of concentration within a particular field of study during undergraduate studies at a college or university. It is the “core” set of classes, knowledge, or curriculum that provides the solid basis for a student’s knowledge of a particular subject. While a “major” does NOT have to equate to a specific post-graduate job or career, some “majors” are designed to do just that. For example, bachelor degrees in accounting, engineering, or elementary education lend themselves to the fields of tax accounting, electrical engineer, or 1st grade teacher. However, some majors such as a “History” or “Mathematics” major lend themselves to a broader area of employment.

The “main” breakouts for majors/career choices are:

  • Medical & Life Sciences (Biology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Marine Science)
  • Visual & Performance Arts (Architecture, Graphic Design, Theatre, Interior Design)
  • Engineering & Technology (electrical engineer/Astronomy)
  • Liberal Arts (History, Philosophy, English, Social Science)
  • Business (Finance, Sport Management, Construction Management, Hospitality)


Please note that while you may “major” in a particular subject, the Lord may move you to new areas within a chosen field. For example, you may choose “nursing” as your major and career choice. But you may not always “stay as a nurse” your entire career.


As a high school student or parent of a high school student, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) is a valuable resource in

understanding options for careers. The above web screen shot taken from the homepage of the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) enables a high school or college student to explore options of various type of careers broken out by “occupational groups.” The occupational groups are roughly correlated to the Career Clusters shown in this newsletter:

• Examples: Architecture & Engineering / Healthcare / Business and Financial / Math / Life, Physical, and Social Science

You may also search careers by:

  • Median Pay or Number of New Jobs
  • Level of Academic Training (Bachelor’s degree, etc.)
  • Projected Growth Rate
  • A-Z Index
  • Resources (FAQ / Teacher’s Guide / Career Outlook)

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