Academic excellence. Nurturing environment. Authentic faith.

Pillars of Education

Authentic Faith

Heritage Christian Academy serves to partner with parents in order to equip students with Christ-like character, love for God’s word, expertise with apologetics, and servant leadership through various academic, educational, and extra-curricular opportunities in which students learn genuine love and respect for one another and demonstrate compassion and concern for others and the world at large.

Academic Excellence

Heritage Christian Academy strives to provide students with highly effective educational experiences, where students are equipped to reason critically and Biblically and take responsibility for their own growth as servant leaders with a Biblical Christian worldview impacting their world for Christ.

Nurturing Environment

Heritage Christian Academy works to create a dynamic Christian community in which all parent, student, and staff members—past, present, and future—feel welcomed, respected, and valued for their individual Christian testimonies and collective engagement in the ongoing growth and stability of the school and the people it serves.