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Scores and Testing

If you would like to know how HCA stacks up to the rest of the state and country, here are the recent ACT averages scores:

In 2015, Colorado had nearly 100% of its students participating in ACT testing, and tied for the highest average composite score of states with that percentage of students participating. In 2016, the ACT saw a record high number of students take the test, with nearly two-thirds of graduating seniors taking the test.

  Colorado National HCA
2014 20.3 21.0 24.1
2015 20.1 21.0 26.1
2016 20.7 20.8 23.5
2017 27

2017 State and National averages have no yet been released. We will update our website with that information when it is released. Our 2017 score is based on the average for our 2017 graduating class.