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Summer Reading Program

 Literary Investment: Summer Reading Requirement

Heritage Christian Academy has consistently emphasized reading the literary classics. Through books, we enter into the thoughts and lives of others, growing and learning alongside them, succeeding and failing, rejoicing and grieving, journeying and dying. It is among our greatest human delights. One of our responsibilities as educators and parents is to see that our children acquire not only the ability to read well, but also acquire a taste for what is good and beautiful in literature. For each grade we have selected books that:

a) enlarge a student’s imagination about God, the world, or humanity;

b) evidence the highest quality writing and story-telling;

c) are conducive to the formation of virtue;

d) are “age-appropriate,” even if challenging;

e) have endured the test of time or have influenced literate culture;

f) integrate with other areas of the curriculum.

In addition to the books that students may read in class with their fellow students and teachers, we hope to help students develop the habit of reading books on their own. In order to do this, we will now require students going into first grade through sixth grade to keep a “literature log” of the books they read throughout the summer. Each book they read will receive a particular point value based on its length and difficulty. Half of the required points should come from the suggested list, and half of the required points can come from self-selected books. For self-selected books, students earn 1 point per 100 pages read. Students will receive a grade based on their accumulated points for the summer. This grade will represent 15% of their Reading Grade for Quarter One.

Students may earn points for a book if

a) they read it on their own,

b) someone reads it to them, or

c) they listen to an audio version of the book.

In order to encourage families to read together, when they do so, each student in the family will receive the appropriate credit for the book, according to their grade levels. If a child listens to an audio version of a book, we ask parents to verify that their children are appropriately attentive while the recording is playing.

Students are required to read books from the designated Literature List available from the web site on the elementary academics page, which have been selected by HCA according to the above criteria.

If you have any questions, please contact Stacy Loyd at

Reading Requirements

Students entering first grade are required to read (or have read to them) and record the titles of twenty picture books or emergent readers. (Books longer than traditional picture books or emergent readers may count for more than one title according to their length 32 pages = 1 book).

Students going into second grade are required to read and record the titles of twenty picture books or appropriate level readers. (Books longer than traditional picture books or emergent readers may count for more than one title according to their length 32 pages = 1 book).

Students entering grades three through sixth are required to read books from the following book list to earn the required points.

Third Grade    10+

Fourth Grade  12+

Fifth Grade     16+

Sixth Grade     18+

Verification of Reading

Parents are responsible for verifying that a book has been read by their child, or that they have listened attentively to one that has been read to them. Titles of books, authors, and point values should be recorded on the child’s literature log and submitted by September 29. The required parent signature certifies that the parent has verified the child’s reading as well as the accuracy of all points recorded.

Download the Verification of Reading form here.

Title Author   SuggestedReading Level
Adam of the Road Vining   5+
Adventures of Sherlock Holms, The Doyle 6 5+
Adventures of the Greek Heroes McLean 3 3+
Al Capone Does My Shirts (and sequels) Choldenkro 3 6+
Alice in Wonderland Carroll 3 5+
All Creatures Great and Small (and sequels) Herriott 6 6+
Always in His Keeping Hamby 2 5+
Anne of Green Gables (and sequels) Montgomery 6 4+
Arabian Nights Houseman 6 4+
At the Back of the North Wind MacDonald 4 6+
Ballet Shoes Streatfeild 5 5+
Bambi Salten 3 4+
Bear Called Paddington, A (and sequels) Bond 3 3+
Betsy-Tacy Books (1-3 in the series) Lovelace 2 3+
Big Red Kjelgaard 4 5+
BlackHorn Winter Wilson 3 4+
Black Stallion, The (and sequels) Farley 5 6+
Borrowers, The (and sequels) Norton 4 3+
Boxcar Children, The (and sequels) Warner 2 3+
Boyhood of Ranold Bannerman, The MacDonald 5 5+
Breaking Stalin’s Nose Yelchin 2 6+
Bronze Bow, The Speare 5 5+
Buried in the Snow Hoffman 3 4+
By the Shores of Silver Lake Wilder 4 3+
Caddie Woodlawn Brink 4 5+
Calico Bush Field 3 4+
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch Latham 6 4+
Champions of the Round Table, The Pyle 6 3+
Chester Cricket’s New Home Selden 3 3+
Cricket in Time’s Square Selden 3 3+
Door in the Wall, The De Angeli 3 5+
Eight Cousins Alcott 6 4+
Elsie Dinsmore series (original) Finley 7 6+
Emily of New Moon (and sequels) L.M. Montgomery 7 5+
Esperanza Rising Ryan 3 4+
Escape from Warsaw Serraillier 4 5+
Faith, Hope, and Ivy June Reynolds 3 5+
Farmer Boy Wilder 6 3+
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew Sidney 5 3+
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Konigsburg 3 4+
Ginger Pye Estes 4 5+
Golden Key, The MacDonald 2 5+
Good Master, The Seredy 3 4+
Great Brain, The (and others) Fitzgerald 3 3+
Harry Cat’s Pet Puppy Selden 3 4+
Heidi Spyri 7 3+
Hitty: Her First Hundred Years Field 3 2+
House at Pooh Corner, The Milne 3 3+
Hundred and One Dalmations, The Smith 4 4+
Hundred Dresses, The Estes 2 3+
In Grandma’s Attic (and others) Richardson 2 3+
Indian Captive Lenski 6 5+
Inside Out and Back Again Lai 3 6+
Jack and Jill Alcott 7 4+
Joel: A Boy of Galilee Johnston 4 4
Jo’s Boys Alcott 7 4+
Justin Morgan Had a Horse Henry 4 4+
Just So Stories Kipling 2 4+
Lad, A Dog Terhune 6 3+
Lassie Come Home Knight 5 5+
Letters to Anyone and Everyone (and others) Tellegen 2 3+
Light Princess, The MacDonald 5 6+
Little Grey Men, The (and Sequel) B.B. 5 4+
Little House on the Prairie Wilder 5 3+
Little Lord Fauntleroy Burnett 7 5+
Little Men Alcott 7 4+
Little Prince, The deSaint Exupery 3 5+
Little Princess, The Burnett 7 4+
Little Women Alcott 7 4+
Littles, The series Peterson 1 2-3
Love that Dog Creech 1 4+
Magic Tree House series Osborne 1 2-3
Mary Poppins (and sequels) Travers 4 5+
Meet Addy (and sequels) Parker 2 2-3 
Meet Felicity ( and sequels) Tripp 2 2-3
Meet Kaya (and sequels) Shaw 2 2-3
Meet Kit (and sequels) Tripp 2 2-3
Meet Kristen (and sequels) Shaw 2 2-3
Meet Molly (and sequels) Parker 2 2-3
Meet Samantha (and sequels) Adler 2 2-3
Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, The Pyle 7 5+
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, The DiCamillo 4 3+
Misty of Chincoteague Henry 4 4+
Misty’s Twilight Henry 4 4+
Moffats, The (and sequels) Estes 4 5+
Mouse and the Motorcycle, The Cleary 2 3+
Mr. Popper’s Penguins Atwater 2 4+
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH O’Brien 5 5+
NO Talking Clements 2 4+
Number the Stars Lowry 2 4+
Old Mother West Wind (and others) Burgess 2 2-3
Old Yeller Gipson 3 5+
On the Banks of Plum Creek Wilder 5 3+
Out of My Mind Draper 3 6+
Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, and a Very Interesting Boy (and others) Birdsall 4 4+
Peter Pan Barrie 5 5+
Phantom Tollbooth, The Juster 5 5+
Pilgrim’s Progress (Retold) Schmidt 3 4+
Pippi Longstockings (and others except for Pippi on the Run-1 pt.) Lindgren 2 3
Prairie Dog Town (original) Oke 2 2+
Pollyanna Porter 5 5+
Raggedy Ann Stories (and others) Gruelle 2 2-3
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Wiggin 6 3+
Redwall (and sequels) Jacques 7 5+
Reluctant Dragon, The Grahame 1 6+
Return of the King, The Tolkien 9 6+
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Taylor 6 5+
Rosa of Linden Castle Schmid 3 4+
Rose in Bloom Alcott 7 4+
Saint George and the Dragon Hodges 1 4
Sarah, Plain and Tall MacLachlan 1 3+
Sign of the Beaver Speare 3 4+
Singing Tree, The Seredy 3 4+
Sir Gibbie MacDonald 6 6+
Sounder Armstrong 2 5+
Star of Light St. John 3 3+
Stormy, Misty’s Foal Henry 4 4+
Strawberry Girl Lenski 3 4+
Stuart Little White 2 3+
Summer of the Monkeys Rawls 6 4+
Through the Looking Glass Carroll 3 5+
Tree for Peter, A Seredy 3 3+
Trumpet of the Swan White 3 3+
Twig Orton 3 3
Uncle Remus Harris 6 3+
Under the Egg Fitzgerald 4 4+
Velveteen Rabbit, The Williams 1 3+
Winnie the Pooh Milne 3 3+
Yellow Star Roy 3 6+
Biographies from:      
Childhood of Famous American Series   2 3, 4
The Landmark Series   3 3+
Christian Heroes: Then and Now   4 3+
The Sower Series   4 3+
Heroes of the Faith   5 3+
Christian Living Informational:      
Boy After God’s Own Heart: Your Awesome Adventure with Jesus George 3 4+
Girl After God’s Own Heart: A Tween’s Adventures with Jesus, A George 3 4+
Speak Love: Making Your Words Matter Downs 3 6+
Young Man After God’s Own Heart: Turn Your Life into an Extreme Adventure, A George 3 6+
Young Woman After God’s Own Heart: ATeen’s Guide to Friends, Faith,, Family, and the Future, A (and others) George 3 6+


Adapted from Cair Paravel’s “Book me a Passage” Literature Policy Document.