Academic excellence. Nurturing environment. Authentic faith.

Why Christian Schooling?

In the face of an ever-gloomy economic forecast, investing in Christian education instead of free public education can seem like a financial stretch.

But we would like to invite you to think about Heritage as just that: an investment.

Investing in a Christian education gives you a chance to ensure that your child is exposed to a godly education in every way possible. By building on the foundations that you, as parents, are laying at home, a Christian education can further solidify your child’s strength of faith through reasoning, researching, relating, and recording – which are the guideposts of the Noah classical curriculum used at HCA.

If the three institutes that most shape a child’s life – home, school, and church – are all guiding that child in the same direction, a child will grow and develop, confident in beliefs that are not endlessly undermined by secular culture. Only an education that has the liberty to address the whole child – social, intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual – can truly be successful.

Adapted from Discover Christian Schools FAQ