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Rachael Auch, Kindergarten

Tell a Story Writer’s Box:

Long Vowel Sorting Box:

Short Vowel Sorting Box:

Alphabet Monster Game:

Alicia Lans, 1st Grade

  1. Wobble cushions- $16 X 2 – WISH GRANTED!

  1. Ipad chargers- $6.50 X 3 – WISH GRANTED!

  1. Ipad case- $20 – WISH GRANTED!

  1. Magnetic letters- $7.50 X 2 – WISH GRANTED!

  1. Speakers- $20 – WISH GRANTED!

Doyleen Miller, 2nd Grade

5 iPads with head phones

100 piece puzzles(space,butterflies,dinosaurs,world, U.S)

Abbie Kress, 3rd Grade

5 iPads – 2 purchased! 3 still needed

Barnes & Noble gift cards (or book donations)

Amazon gift cards

Russ Bruxvoort, 6th Grade

  1. Stools from Ikea x 3 (contact Mr. Bruxvoort for details)
  2. 2 iPads 
  3. Barnes & Noble gift cards $300
  4. Wobble seats (available on Amazon)
  5. Portable stands x 5 (contact Mr. B for details)

Noah Myers, Secondary Bible

Wall map of Holy Land: $20

Computer stand/cart: $38.00

Did Jesus rise from the dead poster:

Brittany Hoblit, Secondary History

Document Camera:–

Stacy Loyd, Secondary Literature

24 copies-Ben Hur – WISH GRANTED!

Joleen Steffen, Secondary Mathematics

6 laptop computers (any brand) with a battery life of at least 3 hours

Mrs. Merkley, Secondary Science

  1. 2 iPads (x 2)                                            
  2. Barnes & Noble gift cards
  3. Engino Discovering Simple Machines kit
  4. Gears! Gear! Super building set    


4 Folding Tables: 3 half-round, 1 rectangular:

2018 World Book Encyclopedia Set

Children’s Christian DVDs:  Buck Denver asks What’s in the Bible (any).  3,2,1 Penguins (Escape From Planet Hold a Grudge, Doom Funnel Rescue, Blast in Space)   VeggieTales (Madam Blueberry, Josh and the Big Wall, Moe and the Big Exit, Rack, Shack and Benny)  and Adventures in Odyssey (any DVD)


1)  a cold food vending machine to vend food items (GPL 427 Food King Cold Food Vending Machine by GPL Vendors VE1291)

2)  a refrigerator for the teachers area


1 quiet dishwasher, w/installation