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Sarah Case, Pre-K

Rachael Auch, Kindergarten

Jumbo Pipe Connectors (3 sets): – WISH GRANTED!

Addition Magnetic Activity Set (3 sets): – WISH GRANTED!

100 Piece Vowel Set: – WISH GRANTED!

Constellation Flashlight (6): – WISH GRANTED!

Inflatable Dice Set: Inflatable Dice Set – WISH GRANTED!

STEM Motion Activity:

Listening Center:

Listening Library:

Abbie Kress, 1st Grade

Amazon Wish List

Doyleen Miller, 2nd Grade

Listening Station

100 piece puzzles

Interactive Globe: – WISH GRANTED!

Rhonda Howeth, 3rd Grade

Exacto Professional Pencil Sharpener  

Gift Cards for books from Amazon

Gift Cards for books from Scholastic

Denise Pogue, 4th Grade

Playground Balls

Nancy Chambers, 5th Grade

Russ Bruxvoort, 6th Grade

  1. 2 iPads $329 x 2= $658
  2. Barnes & Noble GC $300
  3. Wobble seats $17 x 5 = $85
  4. Portable stands $33 x 5 = $165
  5. Hokki Stool $120 x 4 = $480
  6. iMac mini $690
  7. Monitor $100
  8. Mouse $7

Chris Hansen, Art Department

High quality, full length mirror

Modeling Clay

Kiln, Kiln Room, Mud Equipment – please see Ms. Hansen with questions

Val Towne, Literature & Yearbook

YB: SLR Digital Camera – financial donation or gently used hand-me-downs welcome!

YB: Memory cards

Heather Smith, Literature

Functioning manual typewriters

Secondary Science

Lab aprons:  

Large: (42” length)- $12.95 piece x 13
Not as long (36” length)- $12.75 x  13

Scientific Balances (0.01g readability):

$298/piece (1 would be fantastic, 6 would be stupendous)


$10.35 piece (6 would be great)



1) The Imagination Station Series (from Focus on the Family)  Any book Volumes 1, 2, 7, 13, 17-20. – WISH GRANTED!

2)  Any children’s Christian DVDs – especially Moody Science or Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible

3) Reluctant reader books for older students – Easy to read (Lower levels), large font, but high interest for 5th-8th graders

4) Puffin in Bloom Classics (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Secret Garden, The Wind in the Willows, and Peter Pan)

Most items can be purchased through Christian Book Distributors


Three-step ladder.

Stephanie Wickham, Drama Headset microphones (w/single ear headset)