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“The Yearbook course at Heritage Christian Academy serves a multitude of purposes. Staff memebers create a valuable resource for parents and alumni as the yearbook itself may be used as a tool to recall the names of past classmates or as a photo album filled with wonderful memories. The experience retained during the course of time spent on yearbook staff is experience that will offer aid in every stage of life. Photography appears in many locations along the highway of life. Who would not want to learn to take better photographs and capture the perfect moment instead of the moment after it? Clear, crisp photos, focused on the target not the background, are the ideal of any photographer. Yearbook training and on-the-job experience help staff members to gain more confidence when shooting photos and to improve their shots ten-fold. Photography is not the only skill which may be refined in Yearbook, however. Writing skills are a necessary part of life no matter what direction life may lead. Brainstorming creative captions and titles not only increases creativity but also demands perfection in the use of the English language.

~ Christine Nordby, HCA Alumna